LE 8 billion expected initial sales of Egypt's "JANNA" project

Expected sales in the first phase of the Gana luxury housing project in Egypt are expected to reach EGP 8 billion distributed over 7176 units in 6 new cities.

The Urban Communities Authority launched the first phase of the "JANNA" project during the current week and began to receive the introductions of units.

Housing Ministry sources said that the sales of the first phase of the "JANNA" will reach 8 billion pounds if the success of the Commission in marketing all units announced, according to the newspaper "stock market" Egyptian.

Followed by the city of Sheikh Zayed with 1.4 billion, New Damietta with 1.3 billion, Al Shorouk City 1.2 billion, Obour City with sales of 800 million pounds and New Minya with 400 million. fairy.

Sheikh Zayed recorded the highest value of the meter at 11.25 thousand pounds and was put 912 units in the city and 1056 units in New Damietta at a price of 9080 pounds per meter and 2688 units in the "6 October" and the price of 8520 pounds and 1176 units in "Sunrise" at 8150 pounds Per meter and 816 units in the "transit" of 7400 pounds per meter and 528 units in "New Minya" at 5650 pounds per meter.

The sources indicated that the "urban communities" will receive about 2 billion pounds within 6 months of the allocation of units distributed by 1.2 billion representing 15% of the total value of sales paid at the allocation and 800 million after 6 months.

The range will range from 100 to 150 square meters, and will be submitted through the website of the Housing and Development Bank (HBC) and will last until November 4, while the booking will begin from 19 November to 13 December and the reservation will be made online.

The value of the booking provider is 100 thousand pounds and is supplemented to 15% of the value of the unit within one month from the date of the end of the booking. A further 10% will be paid within 6 months from the date of booking, 15% upon receipt and 60% Years, 5 years or 7 years, or repayment by the mortgage finance mechanism. If the rest of the value of the unit is paid within two months from the date of booking, 7% of its value is deducted.