The cheapest house in Britain .. Three rooms in one pound sterling

The cheapest house in the whole of Britain is being searched for by people who buy it, even though it is less expensive than a small juice box or less than a fare by bus from one area to another in London.

A British real estate firm has offered a house for sale in the West Yorkshire area, 330 km north of London, for only £ 1, although the house is three-bedroom, but needs repairs and maintenance.

In the details published by the British newspapers, compiled by Al, the house will be displayed at an auction starting at £ 1, meaning that it will certainly be sold for more than this amount, but the initial valuation is one pound, According to the assessment made by the company organizing the auction, and therefore it will be sold at any price to be paid.

British reports confirmed that this house will probably be the cheapest in Britain at all, as it is offered for sale with one pound, it is located in one of the cheapest areas in the country.

According to the published specifications of the house for sale, it is an "independent house" but is attached to another house on his left and right. The British call it a three-bedroom terraced house located in Bradford, West Yorkshire. House prices on the street are 67,000 pounds ($ 85,000), according to Britain's real estate market watch .

The mystery of the extremely low market value of the house is that it was exposed to a series of fires in 2015, fires that devoured large parts of the house and caused great damage to it, and since then has not been repaired or maintenance and now needs large amounts for restoration .

"This is a rare and excellent opportunity for those who own homes and are looking for another home at a reasonable price and without the need for bank financing to buy it," said the company, which will show the house for sale next month.

They are looking for a house to start a renovation and reconstruction project at the start of the new year. "

Real estate in Britain is among the most expensive in the world, with the average home price in the UK as a whole now at £ 227,000 ($ 300,000), while average house prices in London are rising to £ 630,000 ($ 820,000) Thousand US dollars).

According to government data obtained by Al Arabiya Net, property prices in Britain have soared by 1.2% since March, while in the last 12 months they have increased by 3.9%, despite concerns about Britain's exit from the European Union and the expected repercussions. So on the real estate market.