UAE banks expand online payment services

Electronic payment has become an attractive tool for young people, who represent the largest proportion of UAE society members to complete their financial transactions instead of using traditional credit cards or credit cards, according to the UAE newspaper Al Ittihad and

By using these devices, such as Apple Bay, Samsung Bay and others, using smartphones and smart phones, the payment is quicker than using a debit card or credit card, so the payment process will not take long, Buy online without having to create an account or fill out long forms.

Bankers said that when the customer makes the purchase, the electronic payment method uses a unique device number and unique code for the purchase. Therefore, the credit card number is never stored on the smartphone or servers of the service providers. When paying, card numbers are not shared with traders .

This comes at a time when the company revealed that half of the participants in a study conducted by the UAE trust in at least one technology company to carry out their financial transactions, whether Apple or Amazon or «Paypal» or «Google» "This confidence can be translated into a desire to deal with these companies, stressing that this applies specifically to the youth.

About 80% of respondents from the UAE showed their interest in banking with one of the known technology companies they use.

Abdulla Qassem, Chief Operating Officer, Emirates NBD Group, said: "The banks realized early competition with the importance of modern technology in providing banking services and therefore launched the concept of digital banking to attract youth and others. In targeting the Millennium Generation category of customers of banks with annual expenses ranging between 20 to 24 billion dirhams annually, especially as this category constitutes a large proportion of the bank's customer base (about 26%), according to the estimates of the bank's experts.

In contrast to what many believe, digital banks have attracted not only the millennium generation, but attracted more age groups, for example, attracted the Emirates NBD Digital Banking platform, which targets the younger generation of different age groups. Aged 18 to 36) accounted for more than 80% of clients and 20% of older age groups.

He pointed out that the number of new customers attracted by the Digital Bank «Liv» is about 10 thousand customers monthly are opening bank accounts to them equivalent to the number of accounts opened monthly through 120 branches of the bank across the country, indicating that the number of accounts that have been opened The number of new accounts accounts for 84% of the total number of new customers, while the remaining customers represent Emirates NBD customers who have decided to open an account through the digital bank to benefit from the benefits it offers. For bank customers.